Bait Buddies

Straight: Michael S.
Bait: Matt Muck

Welcome back to!

Matt Muck is back in the studio and he's ready to get fucked by some straight cock! Matt has been working hard on the farm so he decided it was time to reward himself. So, he called up Caruso to see if he could trick a straight guy into going gay for pay, make some money, and soak up some Florida sun! Caruso was happy to agree and he had just the guy in mind...

A while back, Matt told Caruso that his favorite type of guy is a really tall and fit guy with a big and thick cock! And, that guy would be Michael! Michael is a big dude with a big dick! He's tall, fit, and his cock is stunning! It's around 8.5'' and thick! Basically, Michael is everything that Matt was looking for so Caruso held on to him until now!

After both guys strip down, get hard, and prove that they can stay hard, Caruso decided to step out of the room to check the status of the female model. But, he returns with bad news... the model won't be showing up today but if both guys would have sex with each other then he'll double their pay. Michael hesitated for about 1 minute before agreeing to go gay for pay!

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