Bait Buddies

Straight: Killian
Bait: Adrian Suarez

Adrian Suarez is back at the studio to shoot another scene. This time things are a little different though... After his last visit, Adrian has discovered that he loves cock and he needs more of it in his life! He also has a type of guy that he prefers! Adrian says he likes older masculine guys and he also has a thing for blue eyes. Hopefully, Caruso will find just the stud that meets his needs!

Killian is this week's straight guy and he's just what Adrian was fantasizing about! He's masculine, straight, has a killer body, and he has bright blue eyes! Killian is here to fuck a hot girl and get paid in the process! Little does he know there won't be a girl and there never was...

Caruso has both guys get hard while he steps out to check on the female talent. As usual, the girl won't be showing up today and the only way anyone will make any money, is if both guys will have sex with each other. And, if they do, they will get double the pay. Killian was so horny that the money didn't even matter and he quickly agreed to give it a shot!

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