Bait Buddies

Straight: Aly Llanos
Bait: Jordan Michaels

Jordan Michael's has returned to the studio on a mission to find some straight Latin cock! He's more attracted to Latin men these days and he says it's because Latin men are more passionate during sex. Today, he's hoping to get fucked by a beefy Latin man with a big dick. And, it shouldn't be hard to make that happen once the straight guy lays eyes on Jordan's big and round bubble butt!

Aly Llanos is this week's straight guy and he's everything that Jordan wanted and then some! He's big, beefy, Latin, hot, and hung! Aly loves sex and he's definitely one passionate man! He considers himself a player because he likes to fuck all types of women and he likes to fuck a lot!

Caruso tells the guys to get hard while he checks on the female talent. He comes back with bad news... No girl is going to be coming in today and without a girl, he can't shoot a scene. But, then Caruso offers double the money if both guys will have sex with each other. Aly didn't hesitate and said even though he's never thought about it before, he'll do it!

Jordan couldn't wait to get Aly's cock in his mouth and after they made out a little, Jordan turned around to show Aly his beautiful ass. Aly didn't waste any time and stuck his tongue in it! After a nice rim job, Caruso handed Aly a condom and he couldn't wait to stick his dick in Jordan's ass. But, he just couldn't cum with a condom on, so he took it off, fucked the cum out of Jordan, pulled out, and sprayed his huge load all over Jordan's torso!

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