Bait Buddies

Straight: Kacey
Bait: Cameron Kincade

Cameron Kincade is hot and popular and that's why he's back in the studio again. Well, that and the fact that he loves having sex with straight men. Cameron just keeps getting better looking and his body is stays hard and tight! He's also totally versatile so he's a perfect choice for a bait guy.

Kacey is our new straight hunk! He's tall, dark, and handsome, and since he works out 6 days a week, his body is wonderful! He likes sex and can't wait to fuck a chick today!

Caruso tells the guys to watch the porn and get their cocks hard while he goes to check on the female talent. He hasn't been gone but a couple of minutes and both guys are rock hard and ready to fuck. Sorry guys, but today it's not going to happen. Caruso returns to deliver the bad news that the girl was a no call no show. It's not the end of the World though because if both guys will have sex with each other then Caruso offers to double the money.

Kacey finally agrees and Cameron takes over and grabs his cock. It's always nice to help a buddy out so Caruso tells Kacey to return the favor and stroke Cameron's cock! Before you know both guys are sucking each other's cocks and flip fucking!

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