Bait Buddies

Straight: Jackson Davis
Bait: Logan Taylor

First we meet Logan, a cute 21 year old dude who recently moved from Virginia to Ft Lauderdale, because he likes the idea of not having a cold winter. Logan would love to find a relationship, but he's a horny young dude who still wants to play - and who can really blame him. Caruso pairs him up with a ginger named Jackson. And, that's a good thing, because Logan loves the taboo of getting a straight dude in bed and loves gingers - he says ''they always have big cocks''. On the other hand, Jackson tells Caruso he loves fucking girls, especially brunettes with big butts and 'tig ol' bitties' (big old titties). And, at 21 years old, he's had his share of Georgia peach pussy, a couple of three ways and even fucked a couple of chicks in the ass with his 7.5'' dick. Caruso introduces the two guys, and we learn that like Logan, Jackson is a recent arrival in Ft Lauderdale, hailing from his home in the outbacks of Georgia. Once they were acquainted, Caruso has the guys strip down for the boner test to make sure we have hard cocks for the actual shoot with the 'girl'. The first thing we notice is that Jackson is the real thing with his fire engine pubes -his rug matches the curtains for sure. Jackson has a natural, tight, country boy body. Logan is really built nicely, looks like he spends some time in the gym or did a lot of work on the farm in Virginia. He sports three tattoos, English, Hebrew and Native American, representing his ethnic mix. He really hit it big in the dick department with his extremely thick 7.5'' cock. Both boys show off their cute bubble butts to Sylvia on camera and sit down to watch porn on their phones as they jack their dicks and wait for Caruso to return with some porn pussy. Well, the girl didn't show once again, so Caruso offers the boys an alternative, have sex with each other and get paid double the money. Logan just sits there with no reaction and continues to jack his big, thick rock hard cock. Jackson on the other hand has a total change in expression and body language, surprised at the offer of gay sex as an alternative to a girl. At first he's taken aback at the idea, he says he never thought of doing anything like it, but then says what the fuck ''I have bills, I'll try it''. Even Caruso is a bit surprised that this straight, redneck, red head gives in so easily. Only problem is that Jackson is willing, but little Jackson, his cock, is now just one floppy noodle. So, Logan reaches over and starts stroking it as Jackson continues to watch some sleazy pussy porn video on his phone. It doesn't take Jackson long for his cock to fatten and extend to it's impressive size. Seeing Jackson's cock hard again, Logan's mouth is watering, so he bends right over and takes it in his mouth giving the straight boy his very first gay blowjob. Caruso asks Jackson how he likes it, ''it was good'' he says. ''How about you giving it a try'' asks Caruso. The easy going dude just goes for it and does a damn good job - even Logan agrees. Now the boys stand up and rub their big dicks together as Logan pulls Jackson into a kiss. And, like most straight guys, Logan seems to just melt into it. ''Not bad... different... but not bad'' says Jackson about kissing another guy. Caruso says let's get to the fucking. Now the original plan was to have Jackson fuck Logan, but Logan tells Caruso he just can't keep his dick hard with the thought of fucking a dude ''maybe if there was a girl around''. ''Well, somebody is getting fucked'' Caruso says. So, Jackson just looks around and realizes he's it and agrees to get fucked for the very first time. They first try with Logan in a sitting position, but Jackson can't get his cock in and suggests they try missionary. Jackson gets on his back and Logan penetrates his virgin hole a couple of inches and starts fucking him, but it's too painful for Jackson. He pulls out for a little and goes back in. This time Jackson relaxes and takes the entire cock. There's nothing like the facial expressions and moaning of a straight dude taking his first cock. Young Logan is so turned on that after a few minutes he says ''you're gonna make me cum'' and pulls out and jacks his load all over Jackson. Jackson then jacks off like a maniac, groans in ecstasy and shoots his own load. ''How was that'' asks Caruso, ''fucking awesome'' replies Jackson.

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