Bait Buddies

Straight: Jake Nelson
Bait: Billy Warren

Billy Warren, that cute 23 year old, blond muscular hottie is back for a second stint as Bait boy. Caruso called him at the last minute, because the bait dude didn't show up. He didn't want to come at first because he's been working at a straight club in Ft Lauderdale every night and just got out of work at 5:30am. But, when Caruso tells him he has a hot straight boy with an 8'' cock who's going to fuck him - Billy couldn't get in his car fast enough to get down to the studio. If there's two things Billy loves - first are big cocks and second, older men. Caruso could only deliver on the former, because our straight country boy from upstate N.Y., Jake, is only 22, but he's cute and carries a real big stick. When Caruso asks him why he should be in porn, he says in his cocky, country boy voice ''I have a big dick!'' On his application Jake says it's 8'', but we think he underestimated - next time we'll get the ruler out. So, Caruso has them strip down and both boys are totally hot. Our straight country boy has the kind of naturally fit body you get from just being an active young dude who does lots of outdoor activities. Billy has put on muscle lately at the gym making him even hotter than last time he was here. There's just something very sexy about that boy, maybe it's his 'slutty' talk and attitude that adds to his appeal. So, Jake thinks he's here to break into pussy porn flicks and Billy knows he is here for Jake's big cock. Caruso soon breaks the bad news that the girl didn't show and gives the guys the option to have sex with each other for twice their original fee. Jake is taken aback and says ''Not really my thing'', but Caruso calmly explains the ways of the porn world to him... at least the ways of the porn world at, using the good old ''do you think every girl on girl scenes is Lesbian''? Jake can't fight that logic, and as he sees Billy has no problems with it, he decides he's in for at least trying it out. Billy starts jacking Jake's big cock and Jake just says ''it feels good''. Before long, Jake is also stroking Billy's 7.5'' thick piece. And both boys look like they're really enjoying it. You can see that Jake's mouth is watering for Billy's fat cock as he looks up to Caruso behind the camera and asks ''can I suck it''. Within seconds he's mastered Jake's dick, taking it all the way down his throat - it's such a good blowjob that Jake says ''definitely not a girl''. Be sure to keep an eye on Jake's expressions while he's getting his very first gay blowjob, he just can't hold back from expressing this new pleasure. You can tell that Billy is totally into the guy and can't wait to get fucked. However, Jake must return the favor and suck Billy's dick before any fucking. Jake's a little hesitant at first, but before long is taking the full 7.5'' of length down his throat. Caruso remarks ''Look dude your cock is still fucking rock hard - I think you like this'', but Jake is caught off guard and doesn't know how to respond. Both boys stand facing each other and without warning, Billy pulls Jake in for his first gay kiss, and boy do they go at it! We think you'll enjoy seeing how much this straight dude is now into Billy and just how much Billy is into Jake. The main event is up and that's of course what Billy has been waiting for. He needs to get his tight hole fucked by a big cock. In the beginning of this video, Billy tells us that his hole just opens up when a thick cock starts pushing in. But, he underestimated just how big Jake's cock is. Two or three times he has to re-lube his hot, hungry hole to accommodate Jake's monster. First he sits on it and both dudes are going nuts fucking against each other. Then Billy gets on his back, ass spread, legs up, the way he really likes to get fucked, and Jake pushes that big piece of meat back into Billy. Billy is moaning and groaning and loving it. Jake is also and says ''feels too good'' - we're guessing he's never been inside anything so hot, tight and talented as Billy's butt. Finally, Billy can take no more and cues Caruso that he's cumming and boy does he ever! Now it's Jake turn and he pulls out, strokes his big cock for all it's worth and shoots all over Billy's hand, arm and leg. In ''After the Shoot'' Jake sums up the experience in three words, ''Like nothing before''.

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