Bait Buddies

Straight: Jake Jammer
Bait: Jake Zackry

Wow! Who would of thought, JZ, a big fan of and straight guys. Of course we're talking about Jake Zackry, our newest Bait Boy. He was a site member who was motivated by one of Caruso's newsletter stories to click on our ''Become a Model'' link in an attempt to come to Caruso's Ft Lauderdale studio to do a movie with some straight dude on He said he never expected to hear from us...but here he is and he's ready for his 'close up'. He's a young, blue eyed cutie who stands 6'2'' tall and sports a 7'' cock that's a beauty. He says he likes straight guys ''because of the attitude of and personality - not like a queen''. When Caruso asks him what his favorite sexual thing to do it, he says besides getting fucked - rimming. With all the great feedback on straight guy Jake Jammer's first video on the site, we've brought him back once again and this time he promises us that he'll fuck a dude this time. He never agreed to get rimmed for the first, but Caruso put him on the spot on camera and he agreed to it. We don't think he's sorry about that now. Anyway, we'll dispense with describing the mutual jackoffs and blow jobs, just to let you know that the real 'meat' of this video is the hot rim job and fuck scenes. In the rimming scene, Jake Z spreads Jake J's beautiful bubble butt ass cheeks to show us his hot, pink, virgin hole. JZ is plainly excited about being the first tongue to go where no one has ever gone before - Jake J's ass... the Final Frontier (sorry for the Star Trek reference - just couldn't resist). Anyway, Jake J really enjoys the exploration and is good and ready for his big 8'' rocket to go where it's never gone before - into another dude's butthole. And, once Jake is inside Jake, it's a no holds barred proposition. He fucks that boy good, flips him on his back and jackhammers the cum out of his new sex partner. He then rips off his rubber and jacks his load out onto JZ. Both guys satisfied, they shower off and are soon back for some questions. When Caruso asks Jake Jammer how it went, it said he doesn't like to admit it, but it was pretty good. Caruso asked him if it was good enough to do more and of course Jake said it depended on the money. Well, he wasn't kidding. Caruso shot Jake Jammer's videos a while back, we can't always get them on the site right away, so you might have even seen him fucking other guys in a few gay movies as we created a new Gay4Pay porn star. Yes, Jake Jammer is now one of many alumni who have gone that route after first exploring man to man sexuality in front of Caruso's camera.

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