Bait Buddies

Straight: RJ Alexander
Straight: Logan Vaughn

Here's the beef, two 100% beefy masculine, muscular straight dudes. First, RJ Alexander is a porn newbie, as straight as they come and ALL man. This strong, masculine, meaty truck driver is here to do his first pussy porn video. He tells Caruso ''I like to fuck, I like to fuck a lot''. He says he loves big booty, especially on Puerto Rican chicks and regularly has threesomes and foursomes and tag teams with his buddies. Our second slab of beef is super hot, handsome and very popular straight guy and now gay4pay porn star, Logan Vaughn, who just moved with his girlfriend to Florida on a permanent basis. Blond, blue eyes, a body and bubble butt that was built for sex, Logan knows exactly what's expected of turn RJ out. Both boys strip down and we get to see 370 lbs of combined sexy man beef, they get boners and while they wait for Caruso to bring the girl back, they're discussing anal sex - with girls of course. RJ asks Logan if he's done anal before - to which Logan replies with a sorta wink and smile to those of us in the know ''Oh yeah!''. Caruso returns with the bad news ''she didn't show up and I can't get a replacement today'', but he does offer the boys alternative work - get paid double to have sex with each other. RJ is so shocked he has to make sure he heard right and asks Caruso if he means he needs to have sex with Logan. When Caruso confirms the fact, RJ is getting ready to head out the door saying ''I'm not into that - that's not what I signed up for.'' But, always patient and calm, Caruso breaks the boy down and RJ finally agrees to 'see how it goes'. Logan doesn't waste a second, he grabs RJ's soft cock and starts manipulating and stroking it, the ice is broken, but RJ is freaked out ''This is fucking weird'' as he makes an undescribable face that you'll just have to see for yourself. Logan then pushes a step further by taking RJ's hand and placing it on his own hard cock to which RJ exclaims ''Dude, what the fuck!'' You can see after a few minutes, RJ is still real uncomfortable and just says to Logan ''Dude, you're just going to have to suck my dick or something while I watch the pussy porn.'' Logan takes the invitation and enthusiastically slurps RJ's cock into his mouth. RJ finally gets into it as he tells Logan ''yeah, suck my fucking dick'' as Logan moans with RJ's cock in his mouth. When it's RJ's turn to suck Logan's cock, he makes that awful face again and tries to do his best, but Logan has to tell him ''Just don't bite it - watch those fucking teeth''. RJ is a quick learner and Logan says ''he's a natural''. Watch RJ really get into it while he strokes his own hard cock. Caruso sees this and asks him if he's liking it, to which RJ responds in his deep manly voice ''yeah, I'm liking it''. It's now time for RJ to tap Logan's hot, bubble butt and he is more than ready and willing. However, it takes a couple of tries as he gets used to the idea of fucking Logan's slightly hairy ass. Once he's in, he's in, and he knows how to fuck. He fucks Logan in the doggy position just like he fucks those hot Latina chicks he's so fond of, rough and hard. When the action starts peaking, Caruso says to RJ ''I want you to flip him on his back and fuck the cum out of him''. Both boys seem to like that idea and can't get into position fast enough. RJ is hard as a rock and slides his cock back into Logan's sweaty, hungry, pink manhole. He picks up speed as Logan moans louder and louder and tells his bottom ''take that, bitch!'' Both dudes seem to like the dirty talk and the pace gets more frantic as Logan finally lets his hot load go and starts creaming on his flat belly as RJ, who is obviously out of control, is screaming ''oh fuck, oh yeah''. RJ pulls off his rubber and jacks his cock and in no time is spouting obscenities and shooting his load all over Logan. RJ is so taken with his orgasm that he has to reach out and use Logan's big pec to keep himself from falling over, Logan puts his hand on RJ's face and in that moment of ecstasy RJ moves in and plants a hot open mouthed kiss on his first time gay sex partner!

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