Bait Buddies

Straight: Rich
Bait: Drake Jaden

This is not a traditional Bait Buddies scene. Rather, Drake and Rich have known each other for a couple years ever since Rich came to get a tattoo at Drake's friend's parlor. Drake was there that day and Rich asked him how painful it was to get a tattoo. Drake was honest about just how much it hurt which caused Rich to chicken out of getting a tattoo. Ever since then, they have been friends with each other and although Rich is straight, he's totally cool with Drake being gay. One night when they were out drinking with friends, they had a hookup after everyone left that resulted in Drake giving his straight buddy Rich a blowjob and that was it. Rich was curious about Drake's porn career and curious enough to allow Caruso to film him having his first full out gay sex with his buddy. Drake's body is a perfect specimen of hairless, sculpted muscle that's topped off with a big, perfect cut cock. His buddy Rich also has a perfectly proportioned muscled body, but is as hairy as Drake is smooth and it looks super hot on him. Rich sports a real nice cock and a big, beautiful bubble butt. This is one sizzling hot first time man on man sex session between a gay boy and his straight buddy - don't miss it!

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