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Straight: Justin Cage
Straight: Cameron Kincade

'In like a lion, out like a lamb' normally refers to the change of seasons. However, in our video we're describing the transition that took place with a rough, tough MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter named Justin Cage. Justin is a straight 38 year old hunk with muscles, tattoos and a matching tough attitude - like a lion. He's here to do his first pussy porn video...he thinks, but of course Caruso has other plans for him. Justin is paired up with Cameron Kincade. He also started out as a very straight dude on many months ago when his girlfriend, a fan of the site, contacted Caruso and asked if her boyfriend Cameron could have his first gay sex experience in one of Caruso's videos. Well, he did and he liked it. He went on to make several more gay4pay videos. Now, at the behest of his girlfriend - he's back for more. This time as a bait boy, and she wants to see him get fucked. The first thing you'll notice is that he's bulked up, he's gone from slender to muscle stud and he's also been prepared for anal action by his girlfriend who has been regularly using a strap on on him.

Now that you know the background it's time for cameras and action. The brooding Justin is brought onto the set to meet Cameron. Both men are instructed to strip down and work themselves up. What a treat! Cameron is handsome and built with a cute bubble butt while Justin is a total hunk of a man, big chest, big meaty bubble butt, muscles everywhere and huge rock hard thighs - all the result of his workouts and cage fights. They're cocks are both rock hard and ready to fuck, but there's a problem, 'Karen' isn't coming and the only alternative is for the guys to have sex with each other if they want to get paid. Cameron is squirming in his seat, inching closer to Justin and ready to go. Justin is clueless, but knows one thing - he isn't gay and he's not going to do it. That's until Caruso works his magic and the logic and money overrides Justin's fear of touching another dude. What happens next is one of the fastest conversions of a rough and tumble straight dude into a seemingly sensitive, but very hot, gay lover. We quickly go from a mutual jack off session, to kissing and swapping blow jobs to one of the hottest fuck scenes we've shot to date. We also learned that when a big hunk of MMA fighter fucks you hard, you cum and cum quick and cum twice! That's just what happened to Cameron. And we were shocked when right after Cameron is fucked and cums, big rough, manly Justin bends forward to kiss his new lover. BaitBuddies took him in like a lion and sent him out like a lamb. Just the way we like it!

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