Bait Buddies

Straight: Patrick Hunter
Bait: Chase Austin

Chase Austin is our Bait and is a self described 'Frat Boy Toy'. He's a college student and belongs to a fraternity. His big turn on is fooling around with some of the more open minded straight frat boys at his school and who would have better access then a hot, good looking frat boy himself. Chase is 20 years old, has a swimmers build and a big 8" cock that has the perfect curve for sucking. We called him in because we needed a frat boy expert to work our Straight guy Patrick. Patrick is also 20 and at 6' tall with blue eyes and beautiful 7.5" cock he is Chase's perfect type. Patrick came in to fuck some pussy and was already worked up, so much so that when Caruso has him slide his pants down he points out to Patrick that he has some wet spots on his underwear. Patrick says he makes lots of precum and can't help it (bet he make it's sweet). As he slides the underwear down, his cock is already hard and sticking straight out in anticipation of the threesome Caruso told him he'd be having with a hot blond girl which is Patrick's favorite. Both guys are jacking their cocks to pussy porn when Caruso tells them some story about the girl porn model falling at a park while playing with her kids and that she screwed up her implants and couldn't make it to the shoot and of course no other girls are available. So Caruso gives the guys an alternative - double the money if they have sex with each other. Patrick being straight is not up for this. He tells Caruso he can't do something like that. It takes a little pushing by our Bait boy Chase and a little pressure from Caruso to get Patrick to admit he needs the money so he agrees to do it. After the mutual hand jobs it appears that Patrick is getting into the 'zone' and more relaxed. So, on to the blow jobs with Chase going first - and when it's Patrick's turn we're all surprised because without any prompting after a few minutes he's deep throating Austin's 8" banana right down to the pubes. When Caruso asks him later how he did it, Patrick said he never had a gag reflex. When doctors or dentists got to the back of his throat it never bothered him - he was a natural! There's also a great make out session before the guys fuck and we can tell you from shooting this video that frat boys can throw a great fuck. And watch Austin milk every last bit of cum out of Patrick's cock as he says "good to the last drop" and we think you'll feel the same about this video.

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