Bait Buddies

Straight: Jay Rizzing
Bait: Rex Wolfe

This video might better have been titled 'Bait Plus 10...and married' which more accurately describes our straight guy, Jay. Caruso tells our two guys that they are auditioning for a 20 guy on one girl gang bang and the guys need to all be hung with 8 inches or better. And, when they work up their cocks he finds that they have inches to spare. Our Bait Rex has 9 inches and Jay has 10 really thick and perfect inches. Both guys are tall, built, smooth and handsome - but you'd have to call our Straight boy Jay a super stud. He's athletic, muscular, masculine and a self admitted thrill seeker who loves his street bike, parasailing and anything else that can give him a rush. Jay is also married and says his wife knows where he is and what he's doing - fucking pussy for cash. She's pretty open minded as when they met he was stripper and danced nude for large audiences of very horny women. Rex, our Bait is bi-curious or you might say straight-curious. He hasn't done much, but knows he has an attraction to guys and has fooled around jacking with a buddy before - but not much else.

Once they pass their audition by proving they are hung and can get it up fast and keep it up, Caruso offers them a way to make money right away. And we all know what that is...double the pay to go a little gay. Jay gets that look - you can tell he's pissed and says 'no way'. Rex, as you might imagine feigns a bit of shock, but in reality he's been waiting for this ever since he set eyes on Jay. So, fast forward past Caruso's convincing argument about why gay4pay is no big deal and see what kind of fun 19 inches of cock attached to two very hot dudes, one bi-curious, one straight, can have. Don't miss 'After the Shoot' where 10 inch Jay tells us why he thought he had a small cock up until just a few years ago!

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