Bait Buddies

Straight: Joe Parker
Bait: Dean Monroe

We think just about any straight guy would be converted to the other side after a round with the hot, charming, romantic, articulate Dean Monroe and his sexy Aussie accent. Dean is a beautiful man with a beefy but muscular body, just the right amount of chest hair, handsome face, great butt and nice 7" uncut cock. He's been doing porn for a while and is a huge fan of So, we were thrilled when we found out he would be in town for a while and agreed to appear in one of our videos. Conquering a straight guy and having first time gay sex with him is something Dean loves to do - even when it's not for a video. And after you watch this movie you will see just how well he does it and with an air of confidence that we don't often see. Dean is introduced to Joe our straight guy for who this will be his first adult video - what a way to start a new career! Joe is just as hot and beautiful as Dean with just a sprinkling of hair on his chest, a sexy muscular body, a big, thick 9" cut cock with a large mushroom head and the face of a fashion model. Joe is very nervous, you can see it in his face and his movements, but somehow this vulnerability makes him even sexier.

Wow! Looking at both these two hot studs stripped down and wanking their perfect puds makes our mouths water. So, let's skip the part where Caruso tells them that there's no girls and they'll get paid lots more to do some guy on guy action. Of course being straight Joe has to show his distaste for the idea, but soon enough he's leaning back on the couch, eyes covered and his fat 9 incher deep in Dean's mouth. But watch as Joe unconsciously gently strokes his cocksucker's broad shoulders and back...does he forget himself and think it's a chick sucking him off? Now relaxed and enjoying the hell out of his first dude blowjob, we tell him one good turn deserves another. Unsure of himself he kneels down for Dean and slowly engulfs the tip of the hunk's uncut cock. After a while Dean asks him to put it further into his mouth...Joe is now a full fledged cocksucker himself. Both boys are heated up and Dean decides to go in for the kiss. At first it's awkward but after just a bit they're making out like boyfriend and girlfriend with straight Joe's hands exploring Dean's musculature. On to the fucking. Joe sits on the couch with all 9 thick inches standing at attention as Dean lowers his beefy bubble butt until he feels Joe's pubic hairs rubbing against his perfect globes of flesh. At this point we can see that both guys are lost in the erotic zone. There's kissing and petting and fucking and finally Dean gets on his back, throws his big muscular legs in the air while Joe wastes no time getting down to business and fucking Dean until he cums on his stomach. Once Joe feels the orgasmic pulsing of Dean's butthole on his cock he's over the edge and pulls out to shoot his hot straight boy semen which joins the luscious load already left by Dean himself. When Caruso asks "How was it?" almost simultaneously the two guys answered "Amazing!". Another "Conversion" at

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