Bait Buddies

Straight: Tony Scavo
Bait: Jordan Foster

Jordan is our Bait guy for this video. He's a cute 20 yr old with a 5'7" hot boyish body and a BIG beautiful 7.5" cut cock. Our Straight guy Tony is the BIGGERER of the two with a 6'2" slender, toned, sexy body and a HUGE 9.5" cock. Jordan is a big fan who desperately wanted to be in one of our videos and after seeing his photos we were anxious to have him play in our straight guy sex games. Tony had already been told that he was hired to do a side by side jack off scene with another dude basically for the female audience. He told us that even though he never jacked with a buddy he didn't have a problem with the scene - obviously not knowing what we were ultimately up to.

Both guys have been introduced and told to strip down, show their stuff and start jacking those cocks. In no time, the guys were hard as rocks. You don't often think of a 7" long and pretty thick cock as being average, but up against Tony's hard almost 10 inch pole we sorta felt sorry for Jordan. But our Bait guy didn't seem to have a worry in the world - his only goal to get that huge cock up his butt. So, Tony is now watching the straight porn we're showing and Jordan is watching Tony and both are jacking their big dicks when Caruso chimes in with the "proposition" - an opportunity to double the money they're making by "interacting" with one another. Right away Tony becomes defensive and would have nothing to do with it. He says "I don't swing that way" - and we're thinking "just give us a few minutes". It took up to quadruple, yes, 4 times the original agreed upon fee just to get Tony to allow Jordan to stroke his big fat dick. Tony said it felt good but was weird. Caruso then pushes Tony to stroke Jordan's cock and then tells Jordan to take charge and Jordan knows just what Caruso means and without missing a beat bends over and slurps up that big beautiful tool of Tony's. Tony is getting into it and when he's safely in the hot zone, Caruso tells him it's his turn to suck Jordan's dick. Tony says he won't do it, he won't go further than touching it. However, we convince him that it's part of the big money deal he made, so he gives in and goes down on Jordan - the first time a cock penetrates his mouth. He appears to be getting into blowing the dude and liking it. Next is the fucking and by now Tony is so hot he's ready for just about anything and of course Jordan is squirming in his seat with his hole twitching for Tony's big piece of meat. They fuck in all sorts of positions, Jordan is in heaven and Tony is having a great time pounding the boy's butt, and as Jordan screams "keep fucking me harder" he shoots what you can only call the BIGGEREST load we've seen in a long time. The hot white spooge covered his body, hair and even found it's way into his mouth. Will BIG, straight Tony ever do it again - you bet he will!

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