Bait Buddies

Straight: Marxel
Bait: John Jammen

It's been a while since we went on our last ''Guy Quest'' where we troll the streets and beaches of Ft Lauderdale for next hot straight guy. So, we hopped in the car with our brand new camera and a cute fan and newest Bait boy, John, to find him a hot piece of straight ass. After passing up several possibilities we saw this cute, but ''rough around the edges'' type of guy toting what looked to be small red gas container. After inquiring, we found out his car ran out of gas and said he needed to fill his can but only had two dollars. After closer inspection we realized his ''can'' was an empty detergent bottle which we told him no gas station will let him fill. And we quickly provided an alternative - shoot some porn with us and make some quick cash. This hot, funny straight guy, Marxel (pronounced Marcel)loved the idea, always wanted to be a porn star and told us he had the goods to prove it. Before we could ask, his zipper was coming down and his 7.5 inch cock was coming out in the car as we waiting at a light. We knew this was going to be good!

Back in the studio, with our Bait guy John closely watching and already giddy with thoughts of what was to come, Marxel shucked his clothes like he did it every day in front of a bunch of strangers and with the porn already running he was hard as a rock and raring to go - just bring on the girls. Well, girls don't happen at, so his only option was to screw around with John if he wanted to get his gas tank filled at the end of the day. Once we offered him the cash, he was down with it - ''it's all about the money'' he said. To describe what went on wouldn't do this video justice. The jacking, kissing, sucking and fucking is so hot and sexy that you just have to watch it for yourself. But, for Marxel - John's 8 inch cock most certainly got to ''Fill His Can''.

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