Bait Buddies

Straight: Hayden Michaels
Bait: Calvin Koons

If you need a definition of "hottie", just take a look at the two guys in this video, Hayden and Calvin. Both are young, good looking and built just right. Both are horny, open to new things and ready to go. You can tell our Bait boy Calvin knows his way around a man and isn't one bit shy about it. He's flirty and cute and pretty kinky. So, Calvin spots our site and having been around the block thought it would be great to work for and get his hands on straight meat - a favorite of his. He sent us an email and a photo... of course we couldn't turn this hot boy down. We knew we had to set Calvin up with a guy who was in his league and that's when we decided on Hayden, a straight, very good looking and well built Texan who tells us he got his fabulous body by playing baseball - no gym for him. Well, of course Hayden is waiting for the pussy to arrive while we're playing the Baiting Game with him. We're showing him the porn, having him strip down, jacking his cock, posing, etc. He's hot and ready and that's when we hit him with the news - no girl - but we can pay him more if he does a "little interaction" with our Bait guy, Calvin. It didn't look like it was going to go easy, but in the end it took just a little begging and cajoling to get him to agree.

Calvin is all smiles - he just can't help himself. He's ready to jump right in and before you know it these guys are swapping blowjobs and prepping for a hot fuck. Calvin start by sitting on Hayden's thick, juicy, 7.5" cock, bouncing up and down while the bottom arches his butt off the couch to penetrate as deeply as possible. Calvin is fucking loving it - and it appears that Hayden is too. The scene ends with Hayden on top and fucking the life out of Calvin who couldn't be more into it as he calls for Hayden to fuck him even harder. As Hayden is fucking this beautiful dude he continues to roll him on his back until Calvin's cock is pointing at his own mouth - it's not to difficult to guess what happens from here. As Hayden pounds Calvin harder and harder, Calvin's chants of "I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna cum..." get louder and louder. With the final thrusts and Calvins's cock aimed at his face, endless pulses of hot white cum shoot straight into his mouth and all around it. It's quite "A Mouthful".

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