Bait Buddies

Straight: Ryan Lynch
Bait: Chris Stevens

Deer in the headlights - that's only way to describe the look on the face of this 19 year old straight porn virgin. This was to be his first test shoot for an adult video. As cute as they come, Ryan is 5'10", 145 lbs with a smooth, athletic body, a really nice 7" cut cock and more than a bit naive. He has a girlfriend and loves his girls with tiny waists and huge boobs. Ryan is an expert in Tae Kwon Do - which we didn't find out until after the scene - good thing he didn't get angry.
We paired him up with the ever horny porn star Chris Stevens. Chris has been around for a while, so he's at home naked and hard on a porn set and very aggressive. With both guys sitting side by side on the couch, Chris eases closer and closer to Ryan - legs pretty much touching. Ryan's not so happy about that and very slyly slides a bit the other way. Little did he know that his leg touching another dude's was the least of his discomfort today. Well, the girl didn't show and with there's only one solution when that happens - the guys can have sex with one another for double the money or go home broke. Well, it turns out that Ryan was more interested in the money than who he was going to have sex with and agrees to try out this new experience.

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