Bait Buddies

Straight: Tyler Andrews
Bait: Jake Steel

Tyler is a Straight, cute, built, strawberry blond, hazel eyed dude who was just chillin` on his day off when we ran across him on a local nature trail. It didn`t take us long to lure him back to the studio with the promise of $100 for a test photo shoot for our male model "calendar" which would be sold to girls. He took the bait and showed up in our studio only to find himself eventually stripped down to speedos and posing with our "assistant", Bait boy Jake Steel. Jake is a tall, dark haired, hung, athletic, hottie, who was "helping" Tyler with his poses in a very "hands on" way. Tyler claims to be uncomfortable and tells Jakes "stop touching me". At this point we offer Tyler more money to do some erotic posing with Jake and since he had a $400 rent bill coming up, he gave in quickly. Before you know it, Tyler and Jake are going at it pretty good. They`re feeling each other`s hard bodies and making out like it was prom night!

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