Bait Buddies  

Straight: Davin James
Bait: Aaron Summer

Once you see this video you`ll realize that Davin didn`t need much convincing to do porn. He had no problem telling us he was gifted with 9.5 inches of thick, rock hard cock. He`s not quite as boyish as his buddy Aaron, but he`s a typical, young, good looking college dude with a real nice body who knows how to throw a good fuck. He was so laid back and easy going that we just told him right up front - dude, we don`t have a girl for today - how about doing it with your buddy so we can all get paid and get out of here. His response was unexpected. For him it was about getting the cash and nothing else.
Sit Back, relax and enjoy the show!

See how far they'll go when the girl doesnt show!

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