Bait Buddies  

Straight: Danny Brooks
Bait: Krist Cummings

We call this one "Metamorphosis of a Married Man". Guys, this is one of the hottest episodes yet. We caught all the details including an "off camera" phone call between our straight dude and his wife.

Danny Brooks, is a tall, slender, well built and heavy HUNG, young married guy from Arizona who arrived at our studios ready to do a three way with a hot chick. His wife had been bugging him to earn more money as they have a house full of kids and sponging relatives to feed. He first tried stripping at a club but found it monotonous, so he decided to try porn. His wife said fine "as long as I don`t have to watch it", which is very cool of her. But neither she nor he ever expected he`d be having sex with another guy.
Sit Back, relax and enjoy the show!

See how far they'll go when the girl doesnt show!

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